Sunday, June 7, 2009

1st Perspective about Bali.....

Woww..... What a great holiday I got with you guys..
Especially in the most gorgeous island in the world, '' Bali ''..
I miss the time when we're all playing sands, chasing the waves, swimming in the cold cozy pool, watching sunset, and watching horror and hilarious movies every night...

I'd like to give a special thanks to Caroline and Patrick who were hardly arranging the schedule, the accomodation and the transportation... We're all enjoyed the activities..Now I can trust them to arrange a more exciting event again..

Dreamland>>>>>>>It was the place when we're having on a competition to get further away from the shore and I got cram on my fingers...Damn!!

Kuta>>>>>>>>>>>It was the place where I made my tattoos and experienced the crazy slingshot and the person was screaming '' Mommy!!!"...

Waterboom>>>>>>It was the place when we played boomerang and smash down...The steep slides made us screaming histerically..

Benoa>>>>>>>>>> We tried every single activity such as jet skiing, banana boat, flying fish, and doughnuts...It was so hot and tiring..Some of us got pains on some parts of our body.

Bebek Bengil>>>>> Howie was a strange skinny boy. He said that he hated roast duck but fate was changed, he order 1 more cup of rice to consume it with the roast duck. He ended with a big smelly long burp...What the hell.......

and at last.....

Hard Rock Cafe >> it was the place when some of us were listening to the live music..It was very entertaining and I enjoyed my last night in Bali.


the 2nd perspective is coming right soon...................
photos will be uploaded in the third episode.............

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Priceless Prize...

Yesterday night.....2nd of May 2009.....,my body was so restless....
My heart was drumming uncontrollably...Sweats were accumulated on my forehead..
My hands were shaking..I was standing languidly with my group...
Waiting for the biggest announcement of the winners..

We were on the same page..Nervous,fearfulness,panic-striken,petrified,delighted, and proud feeling were always queing up our my mind and keep knocking it...
We were hoping we would be the winner but that desire was at a distant after the judge announced that we were the second winner...........
Sarcastic, Mad, Suspicious , and Disappointed, off-course we did feel it...
We receive the prize on our hands. For me,that wasn't enough at all..!! It was still meaningless!!

I miss the things that we've done together...!! I miss all the jokes that y'all have created!! I miss the time when difficulties arrived and we were holding on together to find the way out..
I miss the time when we practised the song and some of us were playing wrongly all the time..
I miss the togetherness..........We always refill hapiness and support each other........

Some money and a siver medal that I received were just priceless prize...
It was still empty...

I conclude.... ,

TOGETHERNESS and STRONG SUPPORTS from them is always be the BEST AWARD and a lot MEANINGFUL.....

......NOTHING can be replaced it, included the most prestigous present.....

---- thanks guyz---

Money Isn't Enough..!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wealthless With Wizards

I'm a young poor and lonely girl who lives no where..
I have nothing to eat and drink..
They have been leaving me for a long way back on time..
People tease and torture me in excruciating pain..
Streets, garbage, and annoying cats are my bestfriends here..

People pass by..
Some are in love..
some are rich and,
some are lucky...
I am jealous..It points and pricks and breaks my clean white heart..

Why that amusement turns a melancholy phenomenon in my life??
Why I need to go through this ??
Why is this world so vexatious to me ??
What is my enermous fault??

Suddenly,a big thinking was knocking my mind...
I was thinking about wizards.........Everything can change.......................
1) Change all things that I see into money
2) Hypotise people to give their riches
3) Rule people when I stare to their poor eyes
4) Pop foods and drinks on my hand whenever I want
5) Alive the most handsome statue to be my boyfriend
6) Popularize myself and make everyone loves me
7) Criticize and scourge people who had been cruel to me to be my pet
8) Transport myself to everywhere I want to go
9) Conjure garbages into a private cozy jet of mine
10) Use my magic brooms to fly up high in the sky and glitter up my life into a magnifico life!!
What on earth was I thinking?!! It was a wasteful dream...
I don't want to live in a misery...But still it won't change my life into 180 degrees..
It is damn impossible..
.......................Just STOP and STARE.............................

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Show your love....

Don't you stay and wait,
That love will arrive to you..
If you just stay quite,
Only bafflement and bitterness you will suffer later..

Show your love..
Make them notice..
How pulchritude this world is..
When you are falling in love..

Run as forcible as you can..
Until you procure your love..
Authinticate if you are really serious..
Make them commit half of their life to you..

When the sun starts to revive..
The crimson rays starts to glitter the twilight zone..
Birds start to sing with their spanking and exemplaring voice..

Your love will always white and wide to wade across together..

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tears Behind the Black Mask

She was walking quietly towards the woody chair on the street.
The street lamps were flashing drearily.
A cold breeze blowing side to side of her accompanied her gloomy night.
She sat politely thinking deeply and curiously about something awkward.
Recently, she received some edges of envelopes that wrote the same thing, " Someone who loves you is now adjecent to you.''
Her heart was drumming faster than the usual.
She had no idea who the hell it is.

The next day, suddenly there was a mail appeared on her office table. It was astonishing!!
'' Meet me at the House of Ballet at 9 p.m. I'll be honoured of your presence. You'll be fine."
It was the note pasted on the white paper.
It became more and more peculiar and weirder!!!!
She paced slowly to the outside the building and starred at the ground blankly.
She ignored every disturbants which provoked her way back home.

She was baffled, blended, befuddled, and bemused about this.
She was abashed, aghasted, anxious, and alarmed about this.
''Who is it??Why me??I don't want to fall into the well of anger and danger!!! Oh God, please tell me who is it trying to get me!!'' She claimed with full of fearful.
It was 9 already. She dressed very adorable and appaling with her white dress.
She took a deep breath and stepped in. She searched for that misterious man at every corner of the building.

Suddenly, there was a man who wore a black robe and mask standing in front of her.
She asked gently who was he to him. He stayed silence. '' I love you since young. I dremed of you every silent night. Would you be.....??'' He asked her immidiately.
'' Do I know you?'' She doubted curiously. On a second............He opened his black mask!!
He was her friend since she was in kindergarten. OH MY GOSSSHHH...!!
She scanned him accurately and glanced him with full of fearful.
'' I'm so sorry, I can't accept it. I can't. Can't we just be friends?'' she rejected dispritedly.
She leaved him lonely in the silent night liked it could be broken by a knife.

His heart was liked to be pierced with a sharp spear. His tears were drealing in his cheeks.
He was depressed, dejected and disolated. He wanted to die because of this. His life was becoming into a restlessness since then................................

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunshine Revival

You are the brightest thing in this universe..
No you no love no money no hope..
Your rays revive my day..
Let the brightness stikes the darkness of the sky..

I don't know how I am going to start the day..
To walk.. To run.. To chase..
There will be no more lies and nobody cries...
Just blooming sweet flowers and colorful lovely butterflies...

You have given me a soul of sweet romance..
You have give me a trust and I know it will be alright...
You have given me an option..
To live and love..or to die...
You have given a bliss..
A felicity....A life and A love...

I don't want to be dark..
I want to be yellow as flare as you..
Thanks for your glorious, promising, and sparkling rays o dear...

Your ingenious rays has revived...
It's the time for me to eat my tres bon breakfast..